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Why is the Bauhaus the most important cultural institution of the 20th Century?

The Bauhaus address to the revolution of graphic design as the school for all student who felt a strong desire to prove a revolutionary application of modernism in arts and technology. It became intensively known as the new social order during the world at wars and non-preventive distortions from the authoritative regime. A matter to achieve major insights into the human condition and environment caused a revolutionary influence in the process of the artist. The Bauhaus is the most important cultural institution of the 20th century not only because the artist replaced the pictorial art but how they took occupation of it and express their own visual approach to it.
The artist went timeless in support of this humanistic spirit by communicating their recent artistic influence and implementing their own way of presentation.Accordingly, this is when the new school Bauhaus founded by Walter Gropius had a strong desire to cultivate influence in the development of innovative graphic design. Th…
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What I learn about Interactive Portfolios

A true case of work is identified in a collection of content put together as a unit to build a portfolio that users can interact. Is like a small world, an index that displays artworks in a simple and minimal space. The current dimension to set your project scale is 1080 x 1920 because it works best in many screen sizes. Closely good for popular platforms like computers and phone. Based on my observation of how colors display different tones on the web you can find potential attention in using bright colors with only one or two dark colors. Together they appeal smooth and beautiful. A good interactive portfolio can be build in five sections. Each section focuses on a category you want to define. Remember that each category displays your work that absolutely testifies what's your top skills. What symbols the app on any media and platform is your logo and also having buttons connected to hyperlinks. Each button is able to lead a path to another page.

Adding audio in the background t…

The Amazing Power of the Mechanical Pencil

During a research about the Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencil, I studied how important is the pencil to writing. Writing helps us release our thoughts on paper. Did you know that modern pencils owe it all to an ancient Roman writing instrument called a stylus? Scribes used this thin metal rod to leave a light, but readable mark on papyrus (an early form of paper). Other early styluses were made of lead, which is what we still call pencil cores, even though they actually are made of non-toxic graphite. But pencil history doesn’t stop there… Graphite came into widespread use following the discovery of a large graphite deposit in Borrowdale, England in 1564. Appreciated for leaving a darker mark than lead, the mineral proved so soft and brittle that it required a holder. Originally, graphite sticks were wrapped in string. Later, the graphite was inserted into hollowed-out wooden sticks and, thus, the wood-cased pencil was born! (6) From using feathers to write with ink to evolving to a sti…

Drawn by Lancy Wayman's Work

Born on July 2, 1937, in New York, New Jersey, Lance encourages to learn how to draw because his grandmother taught him. Wyman found interest in the idea of how we communicate a visual language with images. Later on, he worked for his father who ran a commercial fish market and worked that then influence him to approach to work in an industrial factory that. With his saving, he pays his college to study Industrial Design. Wyman graduated from Pratt University in 1960, then encounters the real visual ecosystem that faces a mass audience as seen today in public design. Up to extend interest, Lance undergoes to work for the General Motor as a package designer for their automotive parts. Later in 1962moves to work as a Graphic Designer for the American Pavilion at the Zagreb International Trade Fair. In 1964, Wyman moves back to work in the automotive industry with Chrysler Pavilion to make safety poster to teach children.
After a great success in the automotive industry, Wyman looks more …

Three Short Stories

Bob's Life

Once upon a time, Bob walks out from school to the city to visit his mother’s work at the dinner near a pet store. About to walk out of school, Bob spots a girl standing next to the water fountain next to the exit door. Her name is Vila and has always caught Bob’s attention, thus he wants to invite her to prom since tenth grade. Bob walks by Vila and she shouts that his hat looks nice. Bob smiles back but did not say anything because he thinks she would not care. So Bob decides to wave and walk away.
During his afternoon expedition around the city, Bob always sits next to a coffee shop because Bob knows the owner, who gives him free coffee every Thursday. Bob sits there in between the coffee shop, and the bank of the city that’s on the right side. Between the two buildings, there’s a gap that you could walk through to get to the other side. Bob knows if he sits between the two buildings, the wind will try to blow his hat.All sudden the wind takes his hat when Bob is about…

Thoughts on UX/UI Web Experience

I like the website. It is simple and the introduction is exciting. The way is presented speaks for itself through the principles of design. The emphasis point models more than the product the models wear. It visually feels comfortable; the information is centered and unified which at least makes it easier to follow. Truly feels rhythmic, thanks to the color scheme is well-graded between the product and the background. It reveals that the designer thought out formally how to enlighten the flow of colors throughout the website. If you feel closely, it goes from cold to warm, top to bottom. It is a clothing store so it is more important to point out the creativity; it becomes part as a strategy for business. Their strategy is to appear what’s new and popular at the top and, while scrolling down, the newsfeed is found directed within the same structure from the top.I treat the update as the activity flow. The colors focus mainly on the positive; it implies more space to the viewe…

William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

‘I began printing books with the hope of producing some which would have a definite claim to beauty, while at the same time they should be easy to read and should not dazzle the eye, or trouble the intellect of the reader by eccentricity of form in the letters.’ in setting his own press,(2) William Morris is widely known as the founder of the arts and craft movement. A view that held during the industrialization and the progress of social reform that went hand by hand which characterizes Morris to bring the attitude to initiate the movement. He brought a new wave of English painter and artisans, including Edward Burne Jones and William Morris from Oxford University. All come to London on November 1856. David Gabriel Rossetti also suits to help this movement with the furniture designs, based on medieval models. Morris aims to say Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites led him to pursue a career as an artist and craftsman.
He originally was trained to work with the clergy. Morris is a true rena…